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Nixie clock set for Airbnb


Make your Airbnb accommodation more cozy and most of all original and unforgettable.  All this allows our kit of Nixie clock, that combines history of nixie tube technology, which has left the market 40 yeas ago, and modern electronics with bluetooth connection. Everything is designed to be quickly and easily assembled and our design brighten up your interior.

This set also includes multi functional card, which is a great addition to Nixie clock and most importantly it has several function that will astound any visitor.
Multi-functional card serves as flashlight, bottle opener, ruler and screwdriver.

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  • Nixie clock are supplied in the form of a kit that includes all the components to build fully functional nixie clock. In each package you can find 6 pcs of nixie tubes that have been manufactured 40 years ago and it is true rarity. Each of these nixie tube has a life span of about 25000 to 200000 hours of continous use. It is pecial limited edition.  

    Multi-functional card - It is simple  small card that is made metal and laminate (printed circuit board). It integrates a battery, which allows it to serve as a flashlight. It fits into every wallet and has several functions like bottle opener, screwdriver, flashlight, ruler, protractor, phone holder, drill bit measurer, hex key. Everything that you might need in your home.

  • 5x Nixie clock (kit) set
    5x Multi functional card

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