3Dsimo Basic Hobby pack

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Pack of 3Dsimo Basic and accessories for after-school classes and maker spaces. 3Dsimo Basic is best suited for Elementary school pupils to expand their creative and fine motor skills.

3D pen safe to use by children of 8+ years old, great for development of fine motor skills and imagination.

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  • 3Dsimo Basic is unique thanks to it’s interchangeable battery, which lasts up to 2 hours. Also uses special non-toxic filament which melts at low temperature, without any harmful fumes. It is a great instrument for teaching as well as home creative projects of your children. 3Dsimo offers a lot of fun.

  • Weight*
    73 g
    150mm x 28mm x 22mm
    interchangeable battery

    *Without battery

  • 10x 3Dsimo basic
    10x Battery
    10x Book with 24 projects
    600m Filaments (PCL)
    10x Drawing pad