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Multi-functional Itron clock (pre-order)


Multi-functional Itron clock kit follows after success of our Nixie clock kit with IN-12 nixie tubes.

It is a new generation of electronic kit that completely consists of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

No tools are required to assemble it.

Each kit includes 1pc of original Itron tube IV-18, that were manufactured between years 1971 to 1988.

This product requires assembly!

Assembling this kit is intuitive and won’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes.

Pre-order product for a discounted price.
Expected delivery in end of May 2022.

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  • Our Multi-functional Itron clock have following features and functions:
    Integrated 1216 battery to preserve time and settings (replacement needed around every 10 years)
    • Alarm
    • Internal temperature measurement
    • Showing holidays and important dates
    • Option to display a message through mobile app
    Integrated Bluetooth module
    Switching between 12- and 24-hour modes
    Displaying date and time
    Powered by 5V/2.4A USB adapter
    Compliant with ESD guidelines (resistant to electrical shock)

    As we say in Noyce Joyce, The assembly is just the beginning of fun.

  • Package contents: 
    1x Assembly kit of Itron clock
    1x Itron tube
    1x Manual
    1x 5V adapter

  • 1) We deliver worldwide.
    2) We are sending out orders within 72 hours.
    3) Price and delivery time depend on country of destinationweight of the order and the carrier. The shipping will be done using FedEx and GLS parcel service providers.
    4) Delivery time for each carrier and price for shipping can be found in the cart after selecting desired products and filling out your address.
    5) Delivery times apply once the pre-order period ends (March 2022).

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