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Boffin magnetic large set


Large set contains 58 different components with which you can create more than 200 projects. This product is a great choice for learning the basics of electronics, and for developing your logic skills in a fun and entertaining way. For example, you can make your own, thermometer, shade sensitive lights, or even a working gaming console.

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  • The main component of this product is a micro computer with similar function to an Arduino. Thanks to the included display and other components, the whole assembly kit gains a new dimension. With it, you can teach young, as well as older kids the basics of electronics.

    Batteries not included (4x AAA)

  • Package contents
    1x Magnetic base pad
    1x Book with description and tutorials for assembly (more than 200 projects)
    1x Speaker (component)
    1x Joystick (component)
    1x Battery holder for 4x AAA batteries.3dsimo
    1x 128x64 pixel LCD display
    5x Connector pillar
    5x Small connector bridge
    5x Medium connector bridge
    5x Large connector bridge
    5x Different types of of ceramic capacitors (component)
    8x Different types of resistors (component)
    1x Diode (component)
    1x AB switch (component)
    1x On/Off switch (component)
    2x Button (component)
    1x Photo resistor (component)
    1x Light bulb (component)
    3x LED diode (component)
    1x Reed switch (component)
    1x Microphone (component)
    1x Buzzer (component)
    1x Arduino Nano (component)
    1x Potentiometer (component)
    3x Different types of transistors (component)
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