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Boffin conductive pen


This magical pen allows you to draw electrically conductive circuits. You can create up to 80 components with this pen or cover entire A4 sheet of paper with one conductive layer.

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  • What types of components you ca create with the pen:

    1. Conductive connections (of different sizes)
    2. Touch buttons
    3. Resistor
    4. Potentiometer
    5. On/off switch
    6. AB switch

    You don't need to buy new components now, you can just draw them.

    What you need to know before you start:

    First of all, you need to shake the pen properly (and repeat before every use). After that, just put the pen to the paper or a pad, press the tip and squeeze the plastic housing of the pen.
  • Package contents:
    1pc of Pen with electrically conductive filling
  • 1) We deliver worldwide.
    2) We are sending out orders within 5 business days. 
    3) Price and delivery time depend on country of destinationweight of the order and the carrier. The shipping will be done using FedEx and GLS parcel service providers.
    4) Delivery time for each carrier and price for shipping can be found in the cart after selecting desired products and filling out your address. 

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