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by Boffin
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Do you know what LIGHT is? How it moves through environment and it is able to make things move and how it can control them? Do you want to connect an MP3 player?
Electronic kit with 182 projects you can connect MP3 player to!

- Hundreds of different projects
- Option to invent and build your own projects
- Components are interchange
- Detailed manual with component placement and description of the function of the project
- Component colour coding for better orientation
- Simple assembly and disassembly of the projects

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  • You can find out everything with Boffin II LIGHT kit, that includes more than 50 components from which following project can be built:
    -        transistor
    -        3D drawings
    -        amplifier
    -        colourful organs
    -        Morse code
    -        light dance
    -        answer to questions:
    How 3D drawings are created?
    How to make a phone from a cup and a string?
    What is the colour spectrum?
    -        and more, 175 projects in total, that are described in detail in the included manual.

    Base for all projects is a board to which all components are snapped onto. Manual describes function of each project and what to expect from it. You can check that everything works after assembly.

    With the current components you can devise hundreds of additional projects, which aren’t described in the included manual or you can combine parts and projects from different Boffin kits.

    Boffin II are themed kits, which extend capabilities of Boffin I kits and allow building hundreds additional projects.

    Boffin II offers an option to connect MP3 players, making 3D drawings, games focused on memory, speed, connecting an airplane and mini car to the kit.

    Components of Boffin I and Boffin II and Boffin III sets are compatible and can be all combined.

  • Possibility to combine with other Boffin kits
    4x AA batteries (not included)

    8+ years
    Number of projects
    Number of components
    Package contents:
    1x board
    54x parts (motor, glowing discs, LED accessories, microphone, organ and more)
    1x manual (can also be downloaded here:
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