Magnetic connector

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Do you want to use the 3Dsimo mini with maximum comfort?
If yes, then the magnetic connector is exactly for you. It will make working with the 3Dsimo mini a much better experience, and it will keep your device safer.

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    • Better ergonomics, and better weight distribution while drawing.
    • Connecting and taking off the cable if provided by magnets.
    • Thank to the polarity of the magnets, the connector will always be placed in the right direction.
    • The USB connector in the 3Dsimo mini does not wear off.
    • Avoids damaging the cable when picking up the device connected to the adapter.
    • Avoid breaking of the cable when roughly pulled.
    • Easy connecting with just one hand.
  • Pack contains:
    USB-A to microUSB cable
    Magnetic connector
    3Dsimo mini
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