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Set of new MultiPro attachments - Drill, Screwdriver, Jigsaw

by 3dsimo
Shipping out time for this product is 2-3 weeks due to supply constraints, we apologize for inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

New 3 piece set of extensions for 3Dsimo MultiPro.

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  • Jigsaw : It is a small, lightweight electric saw that can cut through plywood, laminate, aluminium sheet, and many other materials. 
    Drill : Drilling into wood, plastic, laminate, aluminium, brass and others. Bit diameter can be anywhere between 0,3 to 3,2 mm. 
    Engraving: Project your creative ideas onto glass, metal or other strong materials. Great for personalizing your household decorations. 
    Grinding: With correct selection of the grinding bit, you can grind or polish almost any material. The motor can operate at up to 20000 RPM. 
    Screwdriver : It has a magnetic head with exchangeable bits (1/4 inch), and torque of 4,5NM at 200 RPM. It is great even for screwing in self-threading bolts into wood.

  • Pack contains:
    Jigsaw with spare blades
    Drill set with basic drill and grinding bits
    Screwdriver set with basic screwing bits 
    3Dsimo MultiPro
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